The B Villa – Luxury Villa Rental in Messinia Greece


Natural Paradise

The lagoon of Gialova is located 7 km north of Pylos and is known as Divari, from the Latin word vivarium, which means “fish farm”. The lagoon has a depth of 4 meters. It is protected as an important bird area by the European Bird Conservation Network, and more than 200 species have been recorded there, including rare birds such as herons, cormorants, kingfishers, flamingos and ospreys. Many mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fishes have their habitat here, including the African chameleon (an endangered species). The lagoon is surrounded by pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and lush greenery. You can see and visit a landscape of unique beauty: the beaches of Voidokilia and Romanos Beach 

Five minutes away from the villa you can also enjoy the panorama from the numerous restaurants of Gialova with their terraces “feet in the water” where you can taste all the flavors of Greece.



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